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Applicant Tracking System Feature

JobPage Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Manage all of the people who apply to your jobs in one place

What do I need an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (sometimes known as ATS) is a type of recruiting software that allows companies to manage applications to jobs, find job applicants by keywords and phrases, keep applications on file, and store applicant information. Applicant Tracking Systems have been used for years, from startups to large corporations. However, as more applicants compete for more positions, Applicant Tracking Systems are becoming more beneficial.

How does an applicant tracking system help with my recruiting? What are the benefits?

The benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System are compelling: instead of sifting through tons of resumes manually, an Applicant Tracking System will save the hiring manager time, as well as the occasional headache. Applicant Tracking Systems also assist the HR department in managing candidate data, identifying applicants based on the job description, and coordinating the overall recruitment process.

The best systems will allow managers to “pre-screen” candidates, meaning the most relevant candidates appear top of the list.

Introducing the JobPage Applicant Tracking System

JobPage simplifies your recruitment process, helping small and medium-sized companies recruit new members of staff without incurring expensive recruitment agency fees. JobPage provides the usual functionality expected of an ATS -- applicant tracking to provide a pool of candidates to choose from, free and paid job posting and distribution to advertise open positions, social media re-posting for social recruitment efforts, managed communication with candidates to provide feedback, and application grading to speed up the recruitment process, but we also go several steps further than your average applicant tracking system.

JobPage in the press

JobPage not only makes the recruitment process easier through added tools, but also it helps you find the best fit for your company, eliminating wasted hours that could have been spent on other tasks. We take what you have--a job opening--and find the applicant who has the skills to make your company better...with minimal work on your end.

Specifically, JobPage provides:

  • Candidate screening and background research
  • Candidate social profiles and visual CV’s
  • Applicant scoring and ranking
  • Lists of passive job searchers
  • Job application management
  • Tasks, reminders and to-do lists

Why use JobPage as your applicant tracking system?

JobPage is the only recruiting platform to use a revolutionary in-house developed Social Discovery Engine. JobPage automatically researches candidate backgrounds to produce a visual snapshot of the person that applied, complete with a summary of all the major social networks they are engaged on, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This can save you many hours of doing this manually yourself. Plus, JobPage produces a list of passive job seekers who are thinking about their next move... even before they’ve applied to one of your jobs. We like to call this “Pro-active Recruiting”.

JobPage will help you manage your recruitment more effectively. JobPage’s Applicant Tracking System will track every person that applies to your job, keeping them neatly away from your email inbox (we know how cluttered that thing can get). Never worry about losing or misplacing a CV/resume again.

With JobPage, reviewing each job application is incredibly simple. Each candidate can be scored, with the choice of leaving comments or adding reminders, helping you manage applicants. All of this makes the recruitment process easier on both sides and everything is done for you.

How JobPage can help with your Applicant Tracking System

  • Social Recruiting

    Find and engage with talented professionals on the leading social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Post Jobs To Job Boards

    Post jobs to some of the best performing job boards available on the internet.

  • Launch Your Own Careers Website

    Build a careers microsite to promote your jobs, brand and company to a wide audience

  • Screen Candidates

    Automatically screen candidates when they apply. See their influence, reach and career background