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Recruiting staff by email is a waste of time

You’ve written a well-worded job advert, posted it on a number of online recruitment websites and over the weekend you receive a healthy response. Now you have the painful task of sifting and sorting the noise to find the best candidates. This is where all HR staff, recruitment consultants and hiring managers can use a helping hand.

One of the most time consuming activities is sifting through CVs received by email. Your job adverts and online job postings may quickly fill your inbox with potential candidates, but you’ll also find lot of unwanted applications amongst them.

Email has been used successfully in recruitment for many years but there’s one major flaw in this system – email only forwards you a copy of a CV, it doesn’t take control of the process. Plus, you’ll find it almost impossible to share email inboxes effectively with others in your team, and emails cannot rate the quality and they’re not capable of filtering your applicants.

Online recruitment software

Dedicated web recruitment software, such as, can be of great assistance in this respect. Most will provide you with an online applicant tracking system (ATS) where you are able to manage the whole recruitment process.

Using web based recruitment software helps make the task of recruitment easier and can be a more efficient and cost effective way to manage your CVs. Applicants can be automatically graded, sifted and appraised, leaving you free to concentrate on the most relevant candidates.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

You’ll also discover that where online recruitment software has the edge over email is regards to time, money and efficiency. It saves you and your recruiting managers hundreds of hours pouring over applications, filtering out the unqualified, the desperate and unsolicited spam. Leaving you the opportunity to organise for those candidates that ideally you wish to meet.

Using an applicant tracking system, such as JobPage, makes it easier for you to view and contrast the viability of applicants. Most providers will allow you to filter by experience; availability and also rank your candidates so that you can quickly see only the most suitable. It can provide you with the necessary feedback to evaluate the success of your recruitment campaign. Web based recruitment software produces analytical data too, so you can see where applicants have applied from, how much interest your job advertisements generated and you can check your rate of investment.

Hiring managers will find that using the right online recruitment software gives them the opportunity to concentrate on the more influential aspects of taking on new staff. Web recruitment can accomplish much of the hard work for you, tracking and ranking candidates, automatically posting vacancies to job boards and easily updating them.

What you will find is that developments in recruitment software mean that adaptable and professional systems are now available enabling you to have access to the same functions and facilities as used by the major high street recruitment agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Managing the recruitment process for you has never been easier.

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  1. avatar Esme says:

    I couldn’t agree more – recruitment software can save plenty of time and money! Recruitment software has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and the market leaders have begun to establish themselves. I think that more people are using recruitment software, as you say, trailing through masses of emails is a job no one enjoys!


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