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How to write effective job descriptions

Job descriptions are the one of most important tasks a recruiting manager can undertake. Whether you use recruitment software or rely on good old fashioned pen and paper, without accurate and yet enticing job descriptions you will not attract the right calibre, qualified or capable people you are looking for.

Hiring managers often post jobs on the internet and so descriptions need to have specific recruitment SEO terms included. Candidates will discover your advertisement more easily when searching for work. This is where the art of writing inviting but computer friendly job descriptions comes into its own.

Your job adverts must be written in a friendly, open and informative style to be the perfect candidate magnet. There is a delicate art between balancing the needs of computer search engines, understanding how job seekers think when look for work and knowing the type of information they expect to find.

Applicants will be attracted by way the way you write your advert, you should use the same type of language they use when searching for jobs. You can include industry phrases or terms to build confidence but avoid jargon and should it be absolutely necessary you must explain what you mean.

Your target audience should indicate the type of language you employ, it needs to reflect their experience and understanding, you will need to include the relevant skill sets and where absolutely essential any qualifications. Remember candidates will search on their terms, not yours, so you need to take account of their motivations.

Make sure your job description’s keywords feel natural and are not forced or artificial. Keyword heavy content can create an unprofessional, clumsy feel and give interested people a poor opinion of your company, even before you meet.

Sell the company and its benefits. Explain the positives and possibilities of working within your organisation, although this is a job description, is it also an advertisement about how you view your company too.

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