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5 top tips for finding your best job candidates

You will find that many people believe that recruiting the right candidate is a costly affair. Here are some top tips for locating the best candidates without the need of spending a small fortune.

Put in its simplest terms recruitment is the exchange of information, “I have a job, are you looking.” It is as basic as that and today’s internet makes the process of locating the ideal candidate far more straight forward and recruitment on a budget is not that difficult.

1) Social Networks
Recruiting via social networks can be one of the best value forms of candidate searching you can undertake. It’s all about communication, whether you talk about your vacancies with friends down the pub, ask on your Facebook page or start a thread on professional networks such as LinkedIn. All you need to do is tell people what you are looking for and ask if they know of anyone. One thing that’s guaranteed, people who are unhappy at work, talk about the fact.

2) Free job boards
There are lots of free job boards, work forums and niche sites that make good sources from where you can make contact with job seekers. You will save a fortune posting your vacancies on such sites as, Juju, or the free classified sites like or

3) Specialist niche sites
These sites are good for placing targeted advertisements, sites such as PHP or Ruby job boards cater for those in the IT industry. You will find that all employment sectors are covered with free boards and this is more cost effective for you than contacting the national job boards like Monster or You will find better results from target driven advertising than relying on mainstream coverage.

4)  Your company website
A good way of attracting applicants is via your own company website. By creating a landing page that explains the benefits of your company and the specific qualities you require from prospective employees you can pull in those who visit or are casually searching the internet for work. Have a vacancies button on the home page, if people like what they read about your company, make it easy for them to leave their details with you.

5) Honesty and transparency
Never forget that although you are the employer, until they start work, you are also a salesperson. Convince people of the merits of working for your company, remember that until they agree to start they are just like any other shopper looking for something new. Demonstrate how your company rewards and looks after its staff, also the culture and potential you offer your people. Merely having a vacancy may not be enough to convince the best candidates to join you, so find out what motivates them, it’s not always money and promotion..

The latest generation of recruitment software packages such as JobPage are capable of all of these forms of vacancy promotion.


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