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JobPage - The UK's First Crowd Sourced Jobs Network

What is JobPage?

JobPage is the crowd sourced social jobs network where the community works with each other to find jobs and work opportunities. You will never face the job search alone again.

For job seekers:

If you are looking for a freelance, permanent, internship, job share, apprenticeship or even a work from home job, join our fast growing community of people like you who are helping each other find work and develop their careers.

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For hiring companies:

It's completely free to share your jobs on JobPage if you already have them published online. Simply share your job and it will be seen by thousands of active job seekers who are all part of the JobPage community. If you need somewhere to host your jobs and manage job applications, we can help you with that too using our advanced job posting and applicant tracking system.

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What JobPage is not

JobPage is not just another job board... JobPage is something new, something new and something different. The jobs you see here on JobPage have all been added because at least one person recommended them. We don't aggregate jobs. We don't allow mass posting of jobs. Everything you see on JobPage is there because it was posted by a person who loved that job.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions, just sign up and ask the JobPage Commununity

Our Story

Matthew Ogston, Founder and CEO of JobPage

Sounds straightforward doesn't it - do something you love and you'll become happy? But millions of people are either stuck in jobs that they don't enjoy, or out of work and desperately looking for an opportunity to prove themselves.

Not doing a job that you enjoy can make you feel unfulfilled, demotivated and can affect your confidence. I know this, I've been there. I've been desperately searching for a job that I love for the last 13 years. I've been employed by some great companies, and some great bosses, but in search of my passion I've always worked evenings and weekends on my own personal projects hoping to find what i'm looking for.

That was until recently when I finally came round to the realisation that even my own projects were not giving me the happiness I yearned for. I was doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

So along with my best friend, we decided to do something different. Something inspirational. We stopped following others and instead decided to follow our hearts and love for helping others. Yes I know it sounds soppy, but it's true.

JobPage is moving to the next level. We are tearing down the walls, we are democratising the jobs search.

We are building a place to be inspired and connect to real people who have real work opportunities. We want your job to stop being a job. Be it freelance, permanent, full time, job share or even an apprenticeship or internship... we will help you discover what you love doing in life, and get paid for doing it.

Work plays a significant part in our lives, so we may as well enjoy doing it. There's a perfect job out there for everyone, it's just a matter of finding it.

Take care

Co-founder of JobPage
Democratising the job search
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